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A very exciting presentation that Michel Lundell held at the Low Carb San Diego conference!

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Knowing the difference between breath and blood testing for ketones can save lives!…

This is my presentation slides from San Diego Low Carb USA event 2016. Share the link and let others understand the important difference between breath and blood ketones and why breath testing can actually save lives.

In essence:
* Blood ketone testing does not indicate ketosis, it indicates the product of time and ketosis.
* Breath ketones indicates ketosis in realtime.
* Breath ketone level correlates as the inverse of glucose
* Blood ketone level does not reflect glucose

Breath ketones is suitable to measure whats happening just now, good for testing out different food and post-exercise ketone/glucose levels. Most people need this kind of control and ability to build a lifestyle.

Blood ketones is good to test long time compliance to diet.It is not suitable if one needs to keep glucose levels under control.
A high level of blood ketones is desired for athletes that need extra energy and does not desire to get it from sugar. Blood ketone energy does not raise the lactic acid in the muscle as much as sugar does.

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