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The First Reusable Breath Ketone Analyzer

The KETONIX is a compass to help you navigate to a lifestyle that achieves ketosis and monitors your daily ketone levels. 

It is a non-invasive; FDA registered Class I Medical Device, for the detection of ketone production and usage by measuring exhaled breath.

The KETONIX detects the level of ketones in your breath and displays the results through the KETONIX Software and as visual spectrum via a set of coloured LED’s on the device itself.

The KETONIX SOFTWARE enables the user to store their breath acetone results along with other additional data such as meals, exercise, body measurements and blood tests.

By measuring often and observing what and how different factors affects your ketosis you can learn what food, fasting and activity triggers a raise or fall in your levels of Ketosis. 

This will enable you to create a lifestyle in ketosis by understanding how your body works when it is using fat as fuel.